A Collection of Relevant Queries and their Answers.

Who are you?
Why, I’m just a harmless fledgling author! My name is Jessie Tracer, but I’m far better known as the Electric Keet. There’s more information about me including my other exploits (music and such!) at my website.
What’s Thirteen Ribbons about?
Read it and find out! Seriously, it’s about a futuristic racing team of uplifted animals on a tour of the Solar System with a dangerous high-speed race at each of thirteen stops on the way. It’s a bit like F-Zero blended with Animalympics.
Why are the parts so short?
The first part, “The Hospitality Business”, was written as an independent flash-fiction for another venue. I found myself compelled to keep writing it as a serial, but I’ve kept each part in the range of 800 to 1200 words because that’s my most comfortable size for a day’s worth of writing.
How can I log in to add a comment?
Registering on this site is perhaps the best way, but not the only way. If you’re familiar with OpenID then you can put in your OpenID from any supporting website on the login screen and you’re set. If you’re not familiar with OpenID… you probably already have one! Here’s a basic list and links for more info. (Here’s a hint: For LiveJournal users, try username.livejournal.com – it’s that easy!)
Why does Eekay sound like a Cockney and an Aussie made a bet and both lost?
Because zie likes it when people have to put it effort to understand zim. It’s a cat thing.
What’s with those weird pronouns?
Gender isn’t all that straightforward a thing to begin with, and less so in a time when people can completely change their physical bodies at a whim. A person with fluid or non-standard gender might not want to be called either “he” or “she”… or even “it” or “they”. There’ve been quite a few proposed sets of gender-indeterminate pronouns in the history of English. I settled on one that didn’t generate homonyms or homophones, and I use it in any case when somebody doesn’t identify as male or female… and sometimes even when they do, because there’s no reason not to. For reference:

masculine feminine indeterminate
subjective he she zie
objective him her zim
reflexive himself herself zirself
possessive his hers zirs
adjective his her zir
Times New Roman for the text? What were you thinking?
Actually, that’s just your browser’s fallback serif font. The one explicitly stated in the stylesheet is “Droid Serif” which is part of the Droid font family available for free. In modern browsers (Opera, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) the font will download automatically. If it doesn’t, I still highly recommend manually installing it, as it was professionally designed for screen viewing (on Android cell-phones, no less!) and works exceedingly well in that capacity. If you’d rather not get that but TNR really bothers you, may I suggest changing your browser’s settings? “Georgia” is nice, and “Cambria” is fairly close to Droid Serif.
What’s the incredibly handsome typeface used in that conspicuously excessive animated banner at the top?
That font is of my own creation, and you’re more than welcome to download it for your own use. It’s called “E-Keet Paragon Black” and the TrueType font can be downloaded for free.
I’m confused about places, people, or terms mentioned in the story.
That’s not a question, but I’ll oblige; try the Spectator’s Guide to 13R.
You shamelessly ripped off Kinetica, you filthy plagiarist gamer!
That’s not a question either, but I’ll oblige; I actually had never heard of that game until after I’d already written seven parts of the story. Apparently I’ve come very close to duplicating its racing style by accident. Consider it an instance of parallel evolution.
Why are there responses to some of the story parts by members of Six Below?
Because characters are people too, and they wanted to have a say. Don’t be afraid to respond to them or ask questions….