All these tracks are released under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.

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Featured tracks

Maybe Next Year

Here's a short and poignant piece for the TI-99/4A..


This is a slow, melancholy piece for the Sega Genesis, inspired by insomnia and old television.

Sunlight Shining Through Trees

The Super Nintendo has a warm sound that lends itself to gentle, homey pieces like this one.

Night Market

This mysterious track finds its home on the venerable TI-99/4A home computer, which shares its sound chip with several other familiar systems.

Creature of Cold Comfort

Similar to “Yellow Tomato”, this Sega Genesis piece was originally intended for release on the album Frozen Hex as the title track.


Here's an enthusiastic piece designed to play on the classic grey Game Boy.

Yellow Tomato

This track didn't start out composed for the Sega Genesis, but it sure feels at home there now.

Theme from Galaxy High School

This is an NES cover of the theme song from the 1986 animated series Galaxy High School.


Steam, steamer, steamest.

Errant Cog

Composed for the title and menu screen of the GBA homebrew 2004Mbit Competition collection.

The Only Time (I’m Real (Is When I’m Not))

Composed for a competition limited to the provided piano instrument, though some sample manipulation was permitted.


This track is perhaps a little too active to settle into a proper title.

Winter Coat

Inspired by snow falling on a quiet night.

Battalion: Head 2 Head suite

The online Flash game Battalion: Head 2 Head, re-released as Battalion: Freedom, featured most of these tracks.

Battlemachy suite

The first and last three tracks in this suite appeared in the online Flash action game Battlemachy: Jade Bandit.

Vict’ry of the Mad Scientist

This track is made to be played on a real NES, though it uses the obscure VRC6 expansion chip’s additional sound channels.


This is the first part of an unfinished tryptich, with just a touch of that old analog synth sound.


This is the second part, with somewhat more of that old analog synth sound.

She’s Got a Brand New NES

Like the MegaRoo soundtrack, this isn’t authentic NES sound though it fits the same hardware limits.

Space Gems ~ Hard

Composed for the game Space Gems which appeared in the GBA homebrew 2004Mbit Competition collection.

Space Gems ~ Normal

Also composed for the game Space Gems. These were dynamic tracks, arranged here into demonstrative mixes.


I was commissioned to compose this piece as a wedding gift.


Ever been short on sleep in a different time zone?

Loop the Loop ~ Loop Garden

Made for Loop the Loop, another GBA game appearing in MaxPlay Classic Games Volume 1.

Loop the Loop ~ Skyline

Also made for Loop the Loop. The game’s third track is a sample-based cover of A.M. A.L. Funk.

Milo’s Quest: Dragon Pearls ~ Fearless

This was composed for the GBA title Milo’s Quest: Dragon Pearls which sadly never saw commercial release.

Milo’s Quest: Dragon Pearls ~ Circumspection

Also made for the GBA title Milo’s Quest: Dragon Pearls. The game centered around peg solitaire in an RPG-like adventure.

Milo’s Quest: Dragon Pearls ~ World Inverted

Also composed for Milo’s Quest: Dragon Pearls.

Milo’s Quest: Dragon Pearls ~ A Voiceless Cage

Yet more Milo’s Quest: Dragon Pearls!

Chopper II ~ Water

Made for the GBA game Chopper II which was released as part of the obscure MaxPlay Classic Games Volume 1 game collection.

Chopper II ~ Fire

Also made for Chopper II.


This Mega Man inspired collection of tracks imitates NES sound, though it’s not completly authentic.

Wonkie Guy ~ Ice

Composed for the unreleased GBA homebrew game Wonkie Guy.


Two sound channels, one chip sample.

Spell Machine (radio cut)

The full original track appears on the album Beyond It All. This cut pulls out the sped-up section.


This track uses low sine waves that many inexpensive speakers can’t manage. If the first 16 seconds are silent, try headphones.

Feline Measures

This and “Very Alone” use the same batch of small chiptune samples.

Very Alone

Long sleepless nights during long winters...

Song of Themes

This is a Frozen Hex remake of a medley that first appeared on the album Beyond It All.

Next Level

Inspired by a sense of accomplishment.

New Realms

Either it's a very short rock opera, or this is a long overture.

Dream Of One

One channel, one chiptune sample, less than one minute. Also, here’s an NES cover by Brad Smith!

Beyond It All

What all it's beyond has never been revealed. It's a heck of a ride in the game Audiosurf.

A.M. A.L. Funk

Here’s that good old AdLib sound.

Jessie’s Theme

This is a sort of musical portrait of a personality.

SB Remix

Oddly, the original track of which this is a remix was never released.

Gold Moon

Composed mostly in one day for a tracking competition.


Beyond It All: version one point zero beta three

My first album from 1997, this enjoyed three distinct releases, each with minor adjustments to the music within.

Cover artwork for the album Beyond It All: version one point zero beta three. It is a white background with the Electric Keet logo at the center, the artist’s name above, and the album’s name below. All of these are black outlines; showing behind and around them are faint construction lines, some showing accurate angle and length measurements.

Frozen Hex

All of these albums were released on CD-R discs. Many of this 1999 album’s discs didn’t burn properly, rendering some of the tracks unplayable. Oops!

Cover artwork for the album Frozen Hex. It is a pale blue background with the name of the artist and album at the top left in blobby, dark blue type. The bottom right has a line art illustration of an anthropomorphic kangaroo posed dramatically with hands in motion, manipulating some fort of energy into a roughly hexagonal shape.

On the Game Grid

This album from 2004 is a collection of music that appeared in videogames or is videogame-related.

Cover artwork for the album On the Game Grid. A dark purple background shows a slightly lighter purple electronic-circuit-like pattern. At the center is a complicated design of concentric circular segments that form a disc. At its center, the Electric Keet logo appears three times  following the sides of a hexagon. Above and below the disc, the names of the artist and album appear in rounded retro-tech type.