Two new pieces of art, shuffled in there a little bit.


Markerstone Soup 0999-08-07

Another newspaper created for Destiny’s Calling, this one features whimsical imagery and strange writing from a land of fae creatures.

This is the front page of a fictional newpaper from a land of fae creatures. As such, every bit of it is brightly colored. This includes the text, shown in an invented vertically-oriented alphabet reminiscent of tangled sprigs coming off of vines. In contrast with the very clean-lined type, the banner has the paper’s name in scrawly letters set on top of the handle of a long wooden spoon. The start of each article features a circular seal representing the places involved; stylized mountain peaks with letters from two different alphabets, a combined sun and moon, a crescent moon with three stars, a grey cloud pierced with rays of sunlight, a flower with colorful petals, a crab holding a pearl, a colorful fish, three trees with raindrops above, and a mountain's silhouette at sunset.

Foolscap 2016 conbook cover

This is the front page of the 2016 conbook for Foolscap, a small convention for creatives, crafters, thinkers....

The top of this conbook cover shows a five-by-five grid of rectangles, circles, and shapes in between, with a gradient of colors between violet, cyan, and gold. In the center of each is a different line-art icon in white. Below that, the convention's name, “Foolscap”, is shown in large tapered sans-serif type with the top of the “F” resembling a jester's cap in the same color scheme. Below and to the right that is the year, 2016.